Project development

“Every Initiative stems from an idea, for that idea to be successful it needs an appropriate plan.”

Erim’s relationship with the third sector has led to the development of over 300 projects for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). He has utilised his skill, knowledge, and passion to support those in need to initiate, develop, fund, monitor, deliver and evaluate various projects ranging from ethnically based luncheon clubs through to supporting refugees in Turkey. Every project supported is independent and recognises that every issue to be addressed needs to be adapted to suit the problem.

Many of skills developed within Erim infant years in the sector were brought into play during his time as the North London Millennium Awards Scheme. Where he as co-ordinator of the scheme managed a partnership involving Haringey Council, the Millennium Commission, Enfield Council, Enfield Voluntary Sector Council, Edmonton Green RA and Broad Water Farm RA, was amazingly successful and presented 302 millennium awards to 335 fantastic recipients, each one of these awards were funding to deliver community projects that benefited those most in need, celebrated community cohesion and empowered those without a voice.

In recent years he has turned his head to developing projects that instigate change especially within the international third sector, that include bridging the gaps between communities and formulating projects and concepts that celebrate cultural differences and support social cohesion.

Over the years Erim has worked with organisations in the private and public sectors as well as those defined as NGO. Projects that have been brought to life through his leadership range from those having a monetary value of few £100 pound through his £2,450,000 redevelopment project in Kentish Town most of those projects being within the Turkish Speaking communities.

Time and time again his projects have broken new ground, his achievements been recognised with a lifetime membership of the Millennium Awards Fellowship.

Organisations who projects have been delivered

London Boroughs of Camden, Haringey, Enfield, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Islington, Barnet, Action for Employment, Focus, The Winch, Swiss Cottage Community Partnership, Age Concern, Mind, Enfield Turkish Cypriot Association, Ali Riza Dermingiolu School, Afro care, Young Persons Theatre Company, Turkish Cypriot Trust, Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project, Turkish Cypriot Women’s Philanthropic Association, Kurdish Advice Centre, Daymer, Derman, Rishwan Mital Centre, RAaW Foundation, Enfield Race Equality Council to name a few….