“Without advocacy there is no voice.”

Giving individuals a voice

Erim has used his position as a community leader to advocate for disadvantaged people around the world from those with undiagnosed life-threatening diseases who desperately need access to healthcare and isolated refugee communities living on the streets of London.

Here are just some of the organisations he has developed. Each in their own way take people from the margins of society and help them to stand up for their rights.

Haven for the Homeless

Role: Joint Founder and Co-Chairperson

Haven for the Homeless is an innovative not for profit association that advocates on behalf of homeless people and provides them help where they need it. The organisation is founded on the principle that, in this day and age, nobody should be homeless and develops partnerships to support London’s homeless and take us towards a world in which homelessness is a thing of the past.

Buses 4 Homeless (CIC)

Role: Patron, Advisor and Fundraiser

Buses 4 Homeless is a low-cost holistic solution to homelessness. They refurbish decommissioned buses into spaces for eating, sleeping, wellbeing and learning in order to engage with homeless people and help them integrate back into the community.

Community Health Screen UK

Role: Joint Founder and Honorary Chair

Community Health Screen advocates for health screening within ethnic minority groups and delivers health screening to marginalised communities that would not normally have access to services. This includes new migrants, the homeless, and older people.

RAaW Foundation

Role: Trustee

RAaW Foundation advocates on behalf of young people, it works to ensure all young people should have the chance to excel in life. The foundation uses arts and creativity to drive positive change and help people in their professional development.

RAaW Theatre and Film

Role: Co-Company Director

Founded by Robbi Stevens, RAaW is an award-winning film, theatre and training company. Although it is not, strictly speaking, a charity, its objects are charitable. It focuses on supporting young people who would not normally be accepted within the world of film and theatre.

Kaleburnu Group

Role: Joint Founder and Chairperson

Kaleburnu Group was established to ensure that the heritage of the region in Cyprus called Karpaz is not forgotten. It connects migrants from the area, safeguards artefacts and ensures stories are safeguarded for future generations. The group has a membership of over 3,000.

Carbon Neutral

Role: Founder and current Vice-Chairperson

Carbon Neutral was established in order to reduce energy usage and help members of our community move away from fuel poverty. Its focus is towards ethnic groupings.

Turkish Cypriot Film Makers Network (TCFMN)

Role: Founder and Chairperson

Founded on the principal that ethnic minorities are grossly under-represented in the field of filmmaking, the TCFMN advocates and supports those interested and creating networks. The organisation is currently planning to stage the inaugural UK Turkish Cypriot film festival.

Enfield Turkish Cypriot Association

Role: Founder, Inaugural Chair and Honorary Chair

Enfield Turkish Cypriot Association is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, the organisation was established in 1994, in order to advocate on behalf of Turkish Cypriots residing in the Enfield.


Role: Advisor to first board of Trustee

Women’s charity form after the tragic murder of Mary Jane Mustafa established to help vulnerable women.