“To capture moving images is the purest form of education.”

Creativity with an impact

In his own right, Erim is a highly successful Director and Producer that has worked with some of the biggest creative names film, including; Sir Derek Jacobi, Sir John Hurt, Roger Lloyd Pack, Tamer Hassan, Danny John-Jules, Todd Carty, Vas Blackwood and Sir Norman Wisdom, to name a few. To date he has directed or produced five feature length films, six documentaries and 21 shorts. Each has a common theme, to highlight inspirational untold stories, which might not otherwise be told or subjects that that mass media avoids.

He is currently producing and directing a feature length series entitled My Village which covers the historical background of villages in the Karpaz area of Cyprus and is in the final stages of developing script for “Ya Suffragette” a feature film, showing the struggle of women 100 years after the suffragette movement began.

Aside from his film work, he is passionate about providing other film makers a platform for talent within ethnic groupings, especially those from the Turkish Cypriot community. He is founder and current Chair of the Turkish Cypriot filmmakers’ platform, he is a Executive Director at RAAW and is a collaborative working partner with Euro Genc TV.

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There are many pedagogical benefits of telling a story or delivering a message through film, it is a mechanism that allows our ever-growing society that connects with moving images through productions in theatre, multi-channel television, social media and the web. Productions give us an opportunity to develop partnerships, engage in dialogue, empower those without a voice, and preserve what we have for future generations.

Here is a link to that production "I used to live in Cyprus"

Productions either Directed, Produced or both.

  • 2020 Affiliation (in post production)
  • 2020 Kaleburnu (filming)
  • 2020 Ya – Suffragettes (in pre-production)
  • 2019 Candle Light
  • 2018 Aphorism
  • 2018 Left Behind
  • 2018 School
  • 2017 Amoc
  • 2017 Rufus
  • 2017 Steel Horse
  • 2017 Tracks
  • 2017 Vaccine AG19
  • 2017 Without the Roses
  • 2016 Muladhara
  • 2016 Queen of Hearts
  • 2015 The Warehouse and the Tied-Up Russian
  • 2014 IComa
  • 2014 Detention
  • 2014 Teamania
  • 2013 Death of live
  • 2012 Red Riding
  • 2011 Invalid Debris
  • 2005 Wartime Life
  • 2004 Cultural Menace
  • 2004 I Used to live in Cyprus
  • 2004 Lockdown
  • 2004 Cultural Need
  • 2005 Emergency at War
  • 2004 Cultural Menace
  • 2003 Turkish Coffee
  • 2002 Identity
  • 2002 Flamingo Blues
  • 2001 The Tour
  • 2000 Homeless Suicide