Chief Executive

“The barriers that lead to inequality, can only be conquered by those that embraces cohesion.”

Erim is the Chief Executive Officer of the Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA), the largest Turkish Speaking charity in the UK.

A child of migrants, from a very young age, Erim witnessed the struggles of marginal communities, seeing disparities and inequalities that blighted London in the 1970s and 80s. Whilst at university, a mental turning point occurred, with the backdrop of the 1985 Broad Water farm riots, he decided his focus in life must be to challenge these inequalities. Following graduation, he started to work for the London Borough of Haringey, and within a year, took the role of Race Equality Officer within the Tottenham constituency, which incorporates Broadwater Farm. During this time, he married his paid work with an extensive commitment to charities that supported the alleviation of inequalities especially within his own beloved Turkish Cypriot community.

By the late 90s, Erim moved to the Millennium Commission, and was tasked with the co-ordination and delivery of grants under the Millennium Fellowship, within North London. Most of the funds supporting BAME projects that celebrated cultural diversity. With the scheme coming to an end, Erim moved to the third sector, where he has held the role of Chief Executive Officer at five charities, in 2012 he took the role of Chief Executive Officer at TCCA.

Through his work at the TCCA, Erim focuses heavily on developing partnership which bring together the unique strengths of various organisations, optimises resources and combines their power to deliver high quality services and cutting-edge services.

During his stay at TCCA, the organisation has grown and now occupies four premises, it has 75 staff, and touches the lives of 15,000 people per annum. Apart from delivering a substantive repertoire of needs lead projects including the, Turkish Cypriot Arts and Cultural Festival, Turkish Cypriot Community Awards, Turkish Cypriot Emergency Response Group, London Homeless Initiative, and the Turkish Cypriot Community Trust.

The concepts so adherent within TCCA are now being shared internationally and the organisation is now moving to global framework, that supports community cohesion, develops working partnerships, and celebrates differences.