“Your life is not measure by what you take but what you give”

In supporting those on need. From leading change in schools to serving as the first Turkish Speaking magistrate, within the third sector, he has been a trail blazer and continues to break new ground.

Erim’s Key achievements

  • In 1993 he started his first charity which within three years had a turnover of close to a quarter of a million.
  • In 1996, Erim became the first Turkish Speaking Magistrate recruited to the bench. At the time he was also the youngest serving in London. He also served on many cultural awareness panels and led a recruitment drive to increase the number of justices from BAME backgrounds.
  • In 1999, after the devastation of the Izmit, Turkey earthquake, he was in the front line. Within 24 hours of the event, he was coordinating efforts to bring relief to victims, ensuring that four loads of aid were delivered within weeks, with him co-ordinating close to Million pounds worth of aid.
  • In 2000, through his work with the Identity Project which promotes Turkish Cypriot identity, he achieved the status Lifetime Millennium Fellow. This helped him develop a host of new innovative projects which highlight the stories of migrants who came to the UK looking for a new life in the 1940s and 50s.

  • In 2004 he began a mentoring scheme that gave young Turkish Speakers an opportunity to be matched with mentors that supported access to careers that many thoughts were beyond them. Over a five-year period, he managed to provide mentoring services to more than 82 young people helping them transform their prospects.
  • In 2010, he took over the role of Governors at a beacon primary school, within two years was the deputy chair of governors.
  • In 2012, he received lifetime achievement award from London Borough of Camden.
  • In 2012, he had the great honour of becoming an Olympic Torchbearer. He carried the torch through Walthamstow as it made its way through the UK
  • In 2014, Erim received the CENTUS award (Turkish Speaking Community Awards for those residing in the UK) for his charitable work.
  • In 2019 he was named the first recipient of the Turkish Cypriot Community Awards.

Erim continues to support communities that don’t have a voice.