About me

For over 30 years, Erim Metto has been a leader for the Turkish Speaking communities in the United Kingdom; driving positive change, creating inspirational projects and empowering some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Driving positive change within the Turkish Cypriot Third sector

Erim Metto is film maker, CEO, project manager and community leader who has dedicated his life and career to promoting those communities without a voice.

Whether helping homeless Syrians on the Streets of Istanbul, promoting the health of vulnerable individuals, creating safe havens of at risk BAME women, leading community response to emergencies such as the Covid 19 pandemic, or films which showcase communities without a voice. Erim is an ardent advocate of the third sector and the support it provides to those most in need within our community.

Throughout his life he’s broken new ground. Back in 1996 he became the first Turkish speaking Magistrate in the UK, a post which he continues to hold to this day. In 2012 he was a torch bearer in the run up to the London Olympics and he serves as the chair of Governors at an award-winning London school.

In 2019, he received recognition for a lifetime of excellence and social service when he received the Male Community Achiever at the first Turkish Cypriot Community awards.

Today he continues to be involved in a host of inspirational projects including:

  • Charitable work:
    He is CEO of the TCCA, the largest Turkish Cypriot charity within the European Union, a post he has held since 2004.

  • Filmmaking:
    Erim has always been passionate about film. To date he has been involved in over 40 productions, most of which showcase the identity of Turkish Cypriots. In 2018, he founded the Turkish Cypriot Platform, a group which, from 2020, will showcase the work of film makers from across the vibrant Turkish community.

  • Health and wellbeing:
    Erim leads Community Health Screen, a project to help people from ethnic minorities who have undiagnosed illnesses.

  • Homelessness:
    Erm believes that nobody should ever have to be without a home and has been a leading player in the bid to make homelessness a thing of the past. In his time, he has supported fantastic projects focused on helping people living on the streets from London to Istanbul.

Erim lives in London and is always looking for new exciting projects which can drive positive change.